Sylka Works for Builders

Sylka works for builders by making high quality furniture that will be delivered in a pre-determined schedule.  If for whatever reason the construction schedule is behind (that never happens right ...) we understand that builders do not need our movable kitchen island or bathroom vanities when the floors aren't finished or when the walls aren't plastered.  We are flexible and can work with contractors to meet their date requirements.  If it needs to be move up by 1 or 2 weeks, we will keep your furniture and send it when you need it.

We can deliver your furniture in various ways.  If you have a team that can build the furniture, we will work with you to construct it so that it's easy to put together.  This will allow you to save on transport.  But if you prefer to get your furniture fully assembled, we will send it boxed and ready to install.

Let us build your furniture and deliver it in a time frame that will meet your requirements